West Africa Accommodation Information(Morocco-Nigeria-Ghana) Revision.1 June-Sep.2006

West Africa Accommodation Information(Morocco-Nigeria-Ghana)Revision June-Sep.2006
AC:Air Conditioner,FA:FAN,Sh:Shower,-B-:Buckets,WC:Toillet,EC:Electricity Concents,KT:Kitchen,MN:Mosquito Net,NL:No Light,TV:Television,FR:Refridgerator,BF:Breakfast,IB:Information Book,TP:Toillet Paper,SO:Soup
():Include in the room,

☆Morocco 1Euro=10.85DH
■Tetouan Pension Gacela Double 50DH Option:TO
■Chefchouen Hotel Barcelona Double 50DH Option:TO,SH
■Fes Hotel Erraha Double 50DH Option:TO,SH
□Fes Hotel Cascade Double 50DH Option:TO,SH
■Meknes Hotel Agadir Single 40DH Option:TO,SH
□Meknes Hotel de Paris Single 40DH
■Marrakech Hotel Immouzzer Single 50DH Option:TO,SH,EC
■Marrakech Hotel Zitoun Single 40DH Double 50DH Option:TO,SH
□Marrakech Hotel Medina Single 40DH Double 50DH
■Casa Blanca Youth Hostel Dorm 45DH Shower 5DH Option:TO,BF
■Dakhla Hotel Riad Single 30DH Option:TO

☆Mauritania 1Euro=340UM
■Nouadhibou Camping Abba Tent 1500UM Option:TO,SH
■Chinguetti Casa de Alfonso Option:TO,SH
□Chinguetti Auberge La Rose des Sables
□Chinguetti Auberge de Zarga
■Atar Bab Sahara Tent 1500UM Option:TO,SH
■Nouakchott Auberge Menata Tent 1500UM Option:TO,SH,MN,EC,KT

☆Senegal 1Euro=656CFA
■St-Louis Auberge de la Vallee Dorm 5500CFA Option:TO,SH,MN,FA,EC
■Dakar Auberge Escale Chez Nizar Triple 12000CFA Option:TO,SH,FA,KT
■Ziguinchor Auberge Kadiandou Double 6000CFA Option:(TO,SH,EC,FA)

☆The Gambia 20CFA=1Ds
■Banjul Apollo Hotel Double 500Ds Option:(TO,SH),NL
□Banjul Abbey Guesthouse 150Ds?
□Banjul Ferry Guesthouse 250Ds?
■Bakau Bakau Guesthouse Double 400Ds Option:(TO,SH,EC,FA,FR,TP,SO)

☆Guinea-Bissau 1Euro=656CFA
■Bissau Apartmentos Proquil Double 11000CFA Option:(TO,SH-B-),NL
□Bissau Unnamed Hotel
□Bissau Central Hotel
□Bissau Apartmentos Jordani
■Gabu Pensao Miriama Sago Double 5000CFA Option:(TO,SH-B-,EC,FA)

☆Guinea 1CFA=10FG
■Koundara Near Hotel Gangan Single 15000FG Double 20000FG Option:TO,(SH-B-)
■Conakry Mission Catholique Single 35000FG Double 45000FG Option:(TO,SH,EC,FA,BF,MN,TP)
□Hotel Niger Single 35000FG

☆Mali 1Euro=656CFA
■Bamako Auberge Lafia Dorm 4000CFA Option:TO,SH,EC,FA,MN,IB
■Djenne Chez Baba Camping 3000CFA Option:TO,SH,FA
■Mopti Camping Renove Camping 2000CFA+Mattres 500CFA Option:TO
□Mopti Private Accommodation
■Bankass Camping Hogon Camping 2500CFA Double 6000CFA Option:TO,SH,MN

☆Burkina Faso 1Euro=656CFA
■Ouaigouya Pension de Racueil Single 5500CFA Option:TO,SH,FA,MN
■Ouagadougou Hotel la Pavillon Vert Single 6000CFA + 500CFA(Tax on First day only) Option:TO,SH,EC,FA,MN

☆Niger 1Euro=656CFA
■Niamey Allemand(DED) Single 6000CFA Option:TO,SH,EC,FA,MN
□Niamey AFVP Resthouse Dorm 4000CFA
□Niamey Mission Catholique Single 10000CFA
□Niamey Irsh Single 7500CFA
□Niamey Hotel Moustache Double 7500CFA
■Zinder Hotel Malem Kalkadamou Double 4100+300CFA, 5100+300CFA, 6100+300CFA Option:TO,FA,(SH)depends on the price

☆Nigeria 1USD=130N, 1Euro=160N, 1000CFA=258N
■Kano International Hotels LTD Single 500N + 300(Tax on First day only) Option:TO,SH-B-,FA,TP,SO
□Kano Kano State Tourist Camp Dorm 350N Option:TO,SH-B-,FA
■Calabar Stardos Guesthouse Single 800N Option:TO,SH-B-,EC,FA,TP,SO
□Calabar Nsisak Seaside Hotel Single 1000N
■Benin City Central Hotel Single 1200N(1500N to after negosiating) Option:TO,SH-B-,EC,FA,TV,TP,SO
□Benin City Edo Delta Hotel
□Benin City Feedwell Hotel
■Osogbo Maskon International Hotel Single 500N Double 1000N Option:TO,SH-B-,EC,FA
■Lagos Granada Hotels LTD Single 1500N Option:(TO,SH-B-,EC,FA)
□Lagos YMCA Single 1500N Dorm 300N + 300N(Registration fee)

☆Benin 1Euro=656CFA
■Cotonou Pension le Souvenir Single 3500CFA Option:To,(SH),FA
□Cotonou Pension des Famillies

☆Togo 1Euro=656CFA
■Lome Hotel Lys Double 5000CFA Option:(TO,SH,EC,FA,TP,SO)

☆Ghana 1USD=9500Cs, 1Euro=11800Cs, 1000CFA=18000Cs
■Accra The Date Hotel Single 73600Cs Double 80500Cs Option:TO,SH,EC,FA
■Accra Crown Prince Hotel Single 73500Cs Double 92000Cs Option:TO,SH,FA,IB
■Kumasi Menkah Memorial Hotel Single 60000Cs Double 75000Cs Option:TO,SH,FA
■Takoradi Ahenfie Hotel Single 110000Cs Double 158000Cs Option:(TO,SH,EC,FA,TV,TP,SO)
□Takoradi Arvo Hotel Single 55000Cs
□Takoradi Amenla Hotel Single 65000Cs
□Takoradi Zenith Hotel Single 65000Cs?
□Takoradi Mexico Hotel

I'll write their address later.

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